Mr. Peyman Eshaghi's Speech at the Fourth Series of Scientific Lectures
09 October 2023
Mr. Peyman Eshaghi's Speech at the Fourth Series of Scientific Lectures

Here is the English abstract of Mr. Peyman Eshaghi's (Researcher in Social Anthropology and Sociology of Religion) speech at the Fourth series of scientific lectures of the international conference on Theology of Pilgrimage titled "Reflection of Pilgrimage in Travelogues" which was held online on September 27, 2023.


Cross-border Pilgrimage: A Look at the Pilgrimage to Imam Reza’s Shrine by the Pilgrims from East of Iran

In the distant and close vicinity of Iran in the east and northeast, there are noticeable centers of civilization and culture, among which are the Middle Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China. These regions, on the one hand, have accommodated a large number of Muslims today and, on the other hand, many of these Muslims are classified as non-denominational Muslims. Historically, these Muslims have always been in contact with Iranian culture and a number of them have continuously come to visit the shrine of Imam Reza (AS). In this text, after mentioning the history of the pilgrimage to Imam Reza’s shrine in these regions, I argue that this pilgrimage has always been a factor in Iran's cultural presence in the East and its connection with Muslims in the East, and reviving and underpinning this pilgrimage can be a step towards strengthening Iran's cultural presence and influence in those regions.


Translator: Mahdi Qasemi