We are honored to announce that the secretariat of the International Conference on Theology of Pilgrimage in collaboration with Shahid Motahari University held the first pre-con meeting on May 20, 2023. The session was hosted by Shahid Motahari and 4 distinguished faculty members from Shahid Motahari University, Al-Zahra University, and Art University delivered their lectures as follows:
Dr. Shahla Bakhtiari: The Pilgrimage and Women’s Emotional Disorders
Dr. Hadi Rabiei: The Relationship between Pilgrimage and Aesthetics in Christian Theology
Dr. Seyedreza Qaemi: The Genealogy of Pilgrimage in Catholic Christianity
Dr. Seyyed Abulqasem Naqibi: The Semiotics of the Semantic System of Pilgrimage Texts