Keynote Speaker: Prof. Joshua Hollmann
02 December 2023
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Joshua Hollmann

Rev. Dr. Joshua Hollmann (Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Concordia University, St. Paul, USA) was the keynote speaker of “Theology of Pilgrimage" conference. For those interested, the video, presentation file, and written abstract of his speech titled “Pilgrimage and Religious Dialogue in Nicholas of Cusa” are uploaded.

* Video File

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The late medieval Christian theologian and philosopher Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) is well known for his mystical masterpiece, De visione Dei, and for his constructive Christian engagement with Islam. Nicholas of Cusa wrote De visione Dei the same year that he composed his Christian-Muslim dialogue De pace fidei. Both De visione Dei and De pace fidei feature the movements and modalities of medieval pilgrimage and the importance of sacred space, religious icon and text, and spiritual directive in the religious journey from God and the return to God. This paper unfolds Nicholas of Cusa’s mystical pilgrimage of De visione Dei as coinciding with his journey to religious peace in God in De pace fidei, and explicates how he expands the medieval Christian experience of pilgrimage to the discovery of peace between the world’s religions, as well as considering what this means for the nexus and praxis of mysticism and religious dialogue today.